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Full Moon
Sound Journey

February 24th, 2024
5:30 - 7pm

Yoga no Bairro,

Campo de Ourique

Full Moon
Sound healing uses harmonic vibrations from instruments like singing bowls to induce deep relaxation, alleviating stress and tension.
Sound healing is believed to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, balancing energy, and promoting a sense of harmony.
Mr. Gonçalo Roquette will join us for this special Restorative Yoga and Sound bath under the moonlight!

"Amidst the cacophony of life, a sound bath offers a peaceful sanctuary for the mind to rest and rejuvenate."

Why join ?
Immerse yourself in a gentle yoga flow, gracefully transitioning into deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra, all while being surrounded by the harmonious sounds of singing bowls and gongs. Let the moonlight guide your practice and elevate your senses for an evening of bliss.
Experience the synergy of lunar energy, mindful movement and soul-soothing vibrations.
When: Saturday, February 24th, 5:30pm
Duration: 1h30
Pranayama | Meditation | Restorative Yoga | Sound bath
Location: Yoga no Bairro, Campo de Ourique
Participation: 30 euros 
Limited space
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