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Yoga is harmony

Hatha is a traditional type of yoga aiming at balancing the body and mind, promoting overall well-being.

A regular practice helps to improve strength and flexibility, it brings balance and confidence on and off the mat. 

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Yoga for All

Yoga is for everybody, it doesn't require you to be flexible or experienced.

I teach accessible flow classes with a restorative element, the creative sequences aim at strengthening and toning while creating space within the body and mind.


Classes are taught in English and French, all levels are welcome. 




Hatha Flow



Power Flow


Yoga at Work

Meet Devy 

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) 

Certified  Prenatal Yoga Teacher (CYT100)

Yoga Alliance

I'm currently living in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. My journey of self-discovery through Yoga started in 2012 in the fast-paced city of Hong Kong where I started to practice regularly while working in marketing & sales. As my practice evolved over the years I yearned to get a deeper understanding of Yoga as a philosophy and a way of life beyond the physical exercises. 

​Having experienced the multiple benefits of yoga in my daily life and during both my pregnancies, I'm passionate about sharing how Yoga can help my students find balance and improve their well-being through a combination of breath, movement and meditation.  I truly believe Yoga can positively transform everyone's life!

Devy Hatha Yoga, Eagle Garudasana


Ananda - Paris

“I have attended Devy's online prenatal classes throughout my pregnancy and they have been a huge help! Her sessions are very clear, gentle, caring and suitable for all levels of practice, including beginners. Her exercices aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor, stretching  the hips and improve breathing. I clearly noticed the beneficial effects on my sleep, back pain and ligaments. But above all, my body and mind were very well prepared for labour which was easy and fast. I recommend her class 200 % ! "

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